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Updates March, 2008

Bienvenue cousins! I'm pleased you stopped by.

My wonderful father, Gordon Cariveau, is the descendant of a line of French-Canadians that have been living in North America for centuries now. I have been fascinated by the story of their immigration to the New World, their lives here and their movement from the mouth of the St. Lawrence River in eastern Canada to settlements in the far northwestern corner of Minnesota. These families include Corriveau/Cariveaus Boucher/Boushee, Geoffroi/Jeffrey and Foubert, but they are interwoven with many other french-canadian families like Genereaux, Durand, Ayotte and others.

I have been researching our family history since the 1980s - so about 20 yrs now. Though my efforts have been sporadic, I've accumulated some good information, some vague leads and lots of questions.

I'll share some things here, but would be pleased to hear from you if you have questions for me. I check this email about once a week, so I won't respond quickly, but I will answer.

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